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World-class algorithmic trading technology

Every element of our stack is purpose-built and optimized for trading in digital assets.

Proprietary AI-driven research

We look to artificial intelligence to harness previously unattainable levels of insight for use in our predictive models.

Decades of quantitative trading expertise

The collective skills we have honed at elite trading shops give us a competitive advantage in the digital asset marketplace.

Ultra-low-latency execution

We consider every layer of the end-to-end latency equation for performance computing at the edge.

Own more than just your work

We are each accountable for our own actions and decisions, but we see how they tie back to our collective success.  As we focus on building value together, there is no part of our business that is outside of the scope of our respective responsibilities.

Two use-cases is enough

The speed at which we are able to innovate and iterate is essential to our business. For this reason, we take smart risks without the need for exhaustive study.  We are open to failure because recovery is almost always possible.

Ask as often as you answer

We each bring a different level of expertise to the table, but we are chasing BIG new ideas and it is important to recognize that we can lead and learn at the same time.

Value dissent, execute as one

Silent disagreement is as unproductive as premature consensus, and we have an obligation to respectfully challenge one another.  Once a decision has been made, everyone commits to its success.

Transparency and facts above all

More access to information means better more impactful decisions, so we work hard to share information broadly and deliberately, and we place a high value on facts and on a scientific approach to ascertaining them.

Qian Wan
CEO & Co-Founder

Qian is an expert in market microstructure and quantitative trading with many years of Wall Street...

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Kristin DeMeo

Kristin has wide-ranging expertise in all areas of business operations honed over more than a decade...

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Miles Sherman

Miles is a software engineer with eight years of experience in trading system development. Previously, he...

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